Magic Cauldron - Dungeons

Press Kit - Magic Cauldron - Dungeons

The world of Magic Cauldron is full of secrets and legends just waiting to be discovered. But on the dark paths of legends and prophecies, everything has its price. Sometimes the price is certain death.

There is an old legend about a magical cauldron that is said to have the power to bring the dead back to life. This cauldron is said to be hidden on a remote island. Many adventurers wanted to achieve fame and honour and also be bestowed with riches. Most of them failed miserably. Are you perhaps an adventurer with the courage to face your demons? Choose a hero and throw yourself into the adventure.

The Game
Magic Cauldron - Dungeons is a classic dungeon crawler with a pixel art look. The game is reminiscent of the good old days of grid crawlers, which were still completely 3D-free. Turn-based battles and hidden chambers will bring out the explorer in you.

Main features

  • Explore the island with its various vegetation and different dungeons
  • Fight against sinister enemies and show that you were born to survive
  • Find hidden switches and mysterious treasures
  • Brew potions with the different cauldrons to help you survive


Title   Magic Cauldron - Dungeons
Type   Dungeon Crawler / RPG
Genre   Fantasy
Plattforms   Windows / MacOS
Story, Art & Development   Manuel Schenk
Gameengine   Godot 4.2
Art Software   Pixaki, Aseprite




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